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Dancing On and Beneath the Great Wall No.1



  • waste-block

    Waste-block, or lost-block printing, requires one block, which is gradually cut between prints to build up the layers of the image. When the image is complete, the block has little printing surface remaining.


    • currently in research collection

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  • Chinese Prints 1950-2006 in the Ashmolean Museum by Weimin He and Shelagh Vainker

    Chinese Prints 1950-2006 in the Ashmolean Museum

    With limited props, the art of Chinese traditional drama accomplishes the recapitulation of unlimited time, space and plot. I admire and often ponder over this realm.

    Zhang Minjie began to produce stage art in 1975 for a troupe of actors based in Fengnan. He was injured in the great Tangshan earthquake of 1976, and on his recovery, returned to the troupe as an actor. He studied printmaking in the Printmaking Department of the Central Academy of Fine Arts from 1988 to 1990, then he worked as a printmaker at the Qinhuangdao Mass Arts Centre. He is now the head of the Visual Art College at the National Academy of Fine Arts in Hangzhou. His work spans a wide range of media, including lithography, woodcuts, oil painting and sculpture. Influenced by his stage career, Zhang specializes in creating stage scenes on a grand scale, showing psychological effects in a whimsical manner.

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