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Oval bezel amulet from a bracelet, with thuluth inscription

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  • Islamic Seals and Talismans by Ludvik Kalus

    Catalogue of Islamic Seals and Talismans

    Yellow chalcedony, in undecorated silver setting (being element of bracelet); bezel; oval. Three lines separated by straight lines formed by elongation of the return of the final loops. Cursive script; engraved.

    (1) Call upon `Alī, the manifestor of miracles. Thou shalt find him a help in [sic] [sic] ناد عليا مظهر العجائب تجده عونا في
    (2) unto thee [in] adversities. All care and grief shall vanish by thy prophecy, لك [في] النوائب كل هم وغم سينجلى بنبوتك
    (3) oh Muḥammad, by thy holiness, oh `Alī, oh `Alī, oh `Alī يا محمد بولايتك يا على يا على يا على

    The ground is decorated with a great number of groups of dots. Two lines follow the shape of the gem.

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