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Round tsuba with landscape and plants



  • tsuba

    Japanese sword guard.


    • currently in research collection

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Publications online

  • The A.H. Church Collection of Japanese Sword-Guards (Tsuba) by Albert James Koop

    The A. H. Church Collection of Japanese Sword-Guards (Tsuba)

    On each face simple low-relief modelling representing rocks and hillocks, those in base outlined in brass incrustation (largely missing); also in raised brass are two circular openwork basket-dykes (jakago) and the water swirling round them at the base of a cascade; further, in minute inlay of brass and copper wire, are to be seen various flowering plants and grasses; the brass incrustation also includes the branches of leafless trees; "wire" edge.

    This guard belongs to a rare and extremely interesting group of which every important collection appears to have a single example or (like the Victoria and Albert Museum) at most two or three.

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