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Globular vase with a shrimp

Glossary (2)

glaze, stoneware

  • glaze

    Vitreous coating applied to the surface of a ceramic to make it impermeable or for decorative effect.

  • stoneware

    Ceramic material made of clay which is fired to a temperature of c.1200-1300⁰c and is often buff or grey in colour.


    • Second floor | Room 36 | Japan

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Publications online

  • Japanese Decorative Arts of the Meiji Period 1868-1912 by Oliver Impey and Joyce Seaman

    Japanese Decorative Arts of the Meiji Period

    Globular stoneware vase partially glazed in pale green, leaving much of the rough body unglazed, with engraved decoration on the neck and body, with a prawn modelled in high relief on the body. Impressed seal on the base: Makuza in a double gourd.

    Shortly before Kōzan I's death in 1916, the factory began to make stoneware vessels in the manner of the Iga kilns, admittedly somewhat remotely, even using the local Shigaraki clay and glazes; most of these are based on old Japanese shapes, usually related to the tea ceremony - this might have been a mizusashi, though the box does not say so.

    The original box (lost before the pot reached the museum), was inscribed with the character for Iga (Christie's, London, 7 March, 1989, lot 453).

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