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Lenticular tsuba with wood grain decoration and banana trees

Glossary (3)

shakudō, shibuichi, tsuba

  • shakudō

    alloy of copper and gold, patinated to a dark blue-black colour

  • shibuichi

    alloy of copper and silver, patinated to a dull grey-green colour

  • tsuba

    Japanese sword guard.


    • currently in research collection

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Publications online

  • The A.H. Church Collection of Japanese Sword-Guards (Tsuba) by Albert James Koop

    The A. H. Church Collection of Japanese Sword-Guards (Tsuba)

    Lenticular; both faces and the edge represent wood of emphasised grain, carefully worked to correspond from front to back; on this, in low relief of shakudō with a few touches of gold, are two banan-trees, three of the leaves continued at the back, one after passing through the kōgai-hole. Signed: Etchū Takaoka no jū ("resident of Takaoka in Etchū") Yasukawa [Japanese text] Kensei.

    E. Gilbertson Collection, no. 387. There is a guard by this artist in the Victoria and Albert Museum; also one of the Furukawa Collection (no. 260; Wada, p.116), in the catalogue of which the name is wrongly given as Kansei.

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