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Textile fragment with tiraz band

  • Description

    The inscription on this tiraz fragment reads: ‘Blessing from God, Prosperity and Glory to the Caliph, the Servant of God, Ja‘far [al-Muqtadir], [in the] year [AH] 320 [AD 932].’ The style of writing used in this sample, which accentuates the stems of the vertical letters and the horizontal tails of the rounder characters, has been associated with the textile production of Iraq and Iran between the 10th and 11th centuries.

  • Details

    Associated place
    Africa Egypt (find spot)
    AfricaEgyptCairoCairo Fustat (possible find spot)
    Africa Egypt (place of creation)
    AD 932 (AH 319 - 320)
    Material and technique
    linen, glazed, and embroidered with dark-blue silk
    21.5 x 15 cm max. (length x width)
    along length/width 28 / 28 threads/cm (thread count)
    ground fabric 0.05 cm (thread diameter)
    additional fibre, embroidery 0.05 cm (thread diameter)
    Material index
    organicvegetalfibreflax linen,
    Technique index
    Object type index
    No. of items
    Credit line
    Presented by Professor Percy Newberry, 1941.
    Accession no.
  • Further reading

    Barnes, Ruth and Marianne Ellis, ‘The Newberry Collection of Islamic Embroideries’, 4 vols, 2001, Oxford, Ashmolean Museum, cat. vol. iii, vol. i p. 17, illus. vol. i


    • currently in research collection

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  • The Newberry Collection of Islamic Embroideries by Ruth Barnes and Marianne Ellis

    The Newberry Collection of Islamic Embroideries

    A tiraz fragment with a very carefully embroidered inscription which reads "baraka min allah wa ni'ma wa 'izz li'l-khalifa 'abdallah Ja'far sana 'ishrin wa mi'atayn" (Blessing from God and prosperity and glory to the Caliph, the servant of God, Ja'far, in the year 320.)

    The inscription dates the textile to 932 A.D.; it was made in Egypt. Radiocarbon analysis of the piece had the medium result of 710 A.D. +/- 80, with the calibrated date (95.4% confidence) 650-960 A.D.

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