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White ware stem cup

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Glossary (2)

glaze, stoneware

  • glaze

    Vitreous coating applied to the surface of a ceramic to make it impermeable or for decorative effect.

  • stoneware

    Ceramic material made of clay which is fired to a temperature of c.1200-1300⁰c and is often buff or grey in colour.


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Publications online

  • The Barlow Collection by the University of Sussex

    The Barlow Collection

    The piece is very delicately potted and highly translucent, and represents one of the early predecessors of porcelain which made Chinese ceramics famous around the world. The piece is also unusual as its glaze shows a distinct blue tinge due to firing in a strongly reducing atmosphere, a features otherwise known only from the much later southern qingbai stonewares of the Song and Yuan periods. The shape is derived from silverware.

    The thin U-shaped cup has a wide mouth and is raised on a widely flaring stem, which is separated from the cup by a raised rib and is slightly hollowed out underneath. The cream-coloured stoneware bears a transparent glaze with an intense blue tinge where it adheres in a thicker layer, particularly around the rib above the stem, and inside, where it forms a thick pool. The underside is unglazed and somewhat rough.

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