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Bowl with blue glaze and purple splashes

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Glossary (2)

glaze, stoneware

  • glaze

    Vitreous coating applied to the surface of a ceramic to make it impermeable or for decorative effect.

  • stoneware

    Ceramic material made of clay which is fired to a temperature of c.1200-1300⁰c and is often buff or grey in colour.


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Publications online

  • The Barlow Collection by the University of Sussex

    The Barlow Collection

    In its shape and manufacture, this piece is a typical Jun ware bowl of the Yuan dynasty, which would originally have been plain blue. The dramatic purple-and-blue colour effect is not known from that period. To refire plain blue bowls with added copper in order to increase their value was a not uncommon practice of the 1920s and 1930s.

    The bowl has rounded conical sides, slightly turned inwards at the rim, and rests on a thick, straight foot. The outside and base are covered with an opaque, foamy, milky-blue glaze. The inside is of copper-red colour overall, with uneven spots with a light blue halo. On the outside, the copper has run over in two places, to which a third red splash has been added. The copper was added in a later re-firing process. The biscuit at the foot has fired a dark blackish-brown.

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