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Textile fragment with squares and hexagons


    • currently in research collection

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Publications online

  • Embroideries and Samplers from Islamic Egypt by Marianne Ellis

    Embroideries and Samplers from Islamic Egypt

    Like No.57 [EA1984.445.a], this band is the central one of three worked on a scarf. It combines some features already seen on Nos.56 [EA1984.472] and 57 [EA1984.445.a], with the elongated hexagon and horizontal Z within diamond shapes. It is another example of the skilful way designers rearranged the same motifs and patterns. The addition of a third colour has resulted in a particularly attractive embroidery, and the openwork ground contrasts well with the satin stitch motifs.

    Although both these bands are from scarf ends, the same embroidery was probably worked on covers, towels and light furnishings such as curtains. There is an impressive large hanging covering the wall in the background of Marziale's painting, Supper at Emmaus (Accademia Galleries, Venice), decorated with vertical bands of geometric patterns featuring Z-shapes within elongated hexagons and pseudo-kufic letters.
  • The Newberry Collection of Islamic Embroideries by Ruth Barnes and Marianne Ellis

    The Newberry Collection of Islamic Embroideries

    Three parallel bands, one very fragmentary, containing squares and hexagons. The squares have a blue horizontal S-shape and two stylized yellow trefoils, embroidered in satin stitch. The hexagon contains two rhombic shapes embroidered in green satin stitch, and a frame and horizontal angular S-shape embroidered in pulled work with yellow wrapping stitch in horizontal rows. On either side of the hexagon are triangles embroidered in blue satin stitch.

    The bands are 4.5 cm wide and set 6.5 cm apart. Two sides of the textile have rolled hems, and the bands are at right angles to them.

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