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Sketchbook of landscapes from southern China

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  • Description

    This hillside in southern China is heavily cultivated, and the repetitions of marks representing different crops, together with their arrangement in blocks, anticipate several later works: for example the composition in Series of Repetitions: Ziliudi (LI2007.63), and even the way Xu Bing uses characters as brushwork in his four-part Suzhou Landscript (LI2007.73-.76). The sketch on this page opening was drawn on a visit, with colleagues to the well-known artist and professor at the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing, Huang Yongyu (born 1924), at his home in Fenghuang, Hunan province.

  • Details

    Associated place
    AsiaChina Hunan province (Fenghuang) (place of creation)
    AsiaChina Hunan province (Fenghuang) (subject)
    1980 - 1985
    Xu Bing (born 1955) (artist)
    Material and technique
    ink on paper; bound
    double page 22 x 32 cm sight size (height x width)
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    Credit line
    Lent by Xu Bing's Studio.
    Accession no.
  • Further reading

    Oxford: Ashmolean Museum, 28 February-19 May 2013, Xu Bing Landscape/Landscript: Nature as Language in the Art of Xu Bing, Shelagh Vainker, ed. (Oxford: Ashmolean Museum, 2013), no. 36 on p. 72, pp. 25, 74, 77, 96, 111, 136, illus. p. 73 fig. 36

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