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  • Description

    Yun Shouping, also known as Yun Nantian, is one among the Six Masters of Early Qing and known for his ‘three perfections’: poetry, calligraphy, and painting. His flower painting follows the ‘boneless’ style from the Northern Song (AD 960-1127), applying refreshing, bright colours and wash without outline to express an elegant literati taste. Unlike the other early Qing masters, he attached importance to xiesheng or ‘describing the living’ from his own studio, as indicated in the inscription here: ‘Face the flowers and keep the images at the Ouxiang Pavilion, Shouping’.

  • Details

    Associated place
    Asia China (place of creation)
    1633 - 1690
    Yun Shouping (1633 - 1690) (artist)
    Material and technique
    ink and colour on paper
    mount 40.3 x 55.6 cm (height x width)
    painting 25 x 53.6 cm (height x width)
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    Technique index
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    No. of items
    Credit line
    Purchased, 1964.
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