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Octagonal bezel amulet with thuluth inscription, from a bracelet

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Publications online

  • Islamic Seals and Talismans by Ludvik Kalus

    Catalogue of Islamic Seals and Talismans

    Bracelet composed of three elements: central (I), on the left side (II), and on the right side (III).

    I - Yellow-brownish chalcedony, in lightly decorated metal setting; bezel (the back face is very slightly rounded); rectangular with cut angles. Sixteen lines of cursive script; engraved.

    (1) Oh God! Oh Merciful! Oh Compassionate! Oh King! Oh Most Holy One!
    يا الله يا رحمن يا رحيم يا ملك يا قدوس
    (2) Oh Safety! Oh Believer! Oh Confiding One! Oh Most Mighty One! Oh All Compeller! Oh Proud One! Oh Creator!
    يا سلام يا مومن يا عزيز يا جبار يا متكبر يا خالق
    (3) Oh Maker! Oh Shaper! Oh Ever Forgiving One! Oh All Compelling One! Oh All Bestower! Oh Ever Providing One!
    يا بارى يا مصور يا غفار يا قهار يا وهاب يا رزاق
    (4) Oh Ever Opener! Oh All Knowing! Oh Grasper! Oh Outstretcher! Oh Guardian! Oh Upraiser! Oh Raiser to Honour!
    يا فتاح يا عليم يا قابض يا باسط يا حافظ يا رافع يا معز
    (5) Oh Abaser! Oh All Hearing One! Oh All Seeing! Oh All Wise! Oh Just One! Oh Most Pleasant One! Oh All Cognizant One! Oh Ever Slow to Anger! Oh Most Supreme One!
    يا مذل يا سميع يا بصير يا حكيم يا عدل يا لطيف يا خبير يا حليم يا عظيم
    (6) Oh Most Forgiving One! Oh Grateful One! Oh Most High! Oh Very Great One! Oh All Preserving One! Oh Giver of Daily Bread! Oh Reckoner! Oh Awe Inspiring One! Oh All Bountiful One!
    يا غفور يا شكور يا على يا كبير يا حفيظ يا مقيت يا حسيب يا جليل يا كريم
    (7) Oh Watcher! Oh Favourably Answering One! Oh Ample One! Oh All Wise! Oh Most Affectionate One! Oh Most Glorious One! Oh Sender Forth!
    يا رقيب يا مجيب يا واسع يا حكيم يا ودود يا مجيد يا باعث
    (8) Oh Witness! Oh Truth! Oh Guardian! Oh Very Strong One! Oh Very Firm One! Oh Very Next Adjoining One! Oh All Praiseworthy One! Oh Teller! Oh Originator!
    يا شهيد يا حق يا وكيل يا قوى يا متين يا ولى يا حميد يا محصي يا مبدى
    (9) Oh Aider! Oh Vivifier! Oh Death Causing One! Oh Living One! Oh Ever Self-Existent One! Oh Perceiver! Oh Glorious One! Oh Sole One!
    يا معين يا محى يا مميت يا حى يا قيوم يا واجد يا ماجد يا واحد
    (10) Oh One! Oh Eternal One! Oh Able One! Oh Able One! Oh Putter Forward! Oh Postponer! Oh First!
    يا احد يا صمد يا قادر يا مقتدر يا مقدم يا موخر يا اول
    (11) Oh Last! Oh Externally Evident One! Oh Interior (hidden) One! Oh Adjoining One! Oh High Exalted One! Oh Good! Oh Repenter (of wrath)!
    يا اخر يا ظاحر يا باطن يا والى يا متعالى يا بر يا تواب
    (12) Oh Benefactor! Oh Taker of Vengeance! Oh Ever Pardoning One! Oh Most Indulgent One! Oh Owner of the Kingdom!
    يا منعم يا منتقم يا عفو يا روف يا مالك الملك
    (13) Possessor of Majesty and Honour! Oh Lord! Oh Just Distributor! Oh Uniter!
    ذو الجلال والاكرام يا رب مقسط يا جامع
    (14) Oh Independent One! Oh Maker Indepedent! Oh Giver! Oh Hinderer! Oh Hurtful One! Oh Advantageous One!
    يا غني يا مغني يا معطى يا مانع يا ضار يا نافع
    (15) Oh Light! Oh Road Guide! Oh Contriver! Oh Enduring One! Oh Inheritor!
    يا نور يا هادى يا بديع يا باقي يا وارث
    (16) Oh Right Guider! Oh Long-suffering One! Oh Veracious! Oh Veiler!
    يا رشيد يا صبور يا صادق يا ستار

    Two lines follow the shape of the gem.

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