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Paintings displayed in honour of Mary Tregear

(from 22nd Dec 2011 until 19th Jan 2014)

A display to commemorate the contribution of Mary Tregear to the Ashmolean Museum.

Detail of Victoria Peak, by Lui Shou-Kwan, Hong Kong, 1961 (Museum No: EA2011.72)
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Hong Kong artists

Lui Shou-Kwan

The Ashmolean’s China collection is strong in paintings by Hong Kong and Guangdong (Canton) artists. Foremost among them is Lui Shou-Kwan (1919-1975), more than 20 of whose paintings were acquired in the 1980s. His ink paintings include large-scale Chan (Zen) Buddhist abstract paintings and linear ink landscapes, and occasionally other subjects too.

Mary Tregear herself knew Lui Shou-Kwan as a young artist, and bequeathed two of his ink landscapes of Hong Kong. One work on display here, titled Journey Around Hong Kong Island, records a boat trip they made together.

The last work, a large ink painting of lotuses, was presented by Dr Peter and Dr Jean James in 2008 in recognition of the services of Mary Tregear to the Museum and the Department of Eastern Art.

Victoria Peak (EA2011.72) Victoria Peak (EA2011.72)   Journey Around Hong Kong Island (EA2011.73) Journey Around Hong Kong Island (EA2011.73)   Lotus (EA2008.55) Lotus (EA2008.55)

Young artists

These three recent works are selected from the Reyes Collection presented in 2011 in memory of Mary Tregear (1924-2010). All are produced by young artists who have grown up in Hong Kong, where Mary Tregear worked in the early years of her career. The works convey the artists’ creative thoughts and their attempts to connect the brush-and-ink tradition with new techniques and contemporary ideas.

A Rhythm of Landscape (EA2011.54) A Rhythm of Landscape (EA2011.54)   Insect calligraphy (EA2011.59) Insect calligraphy (EA2011.59)   Abstract landscape (EA2011.57) Abstract landscape (EA2011.57)

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