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Unfolding Nature: Images of Summer on Chinese and Japanese Fans

(from 10th Jul until 7th Oct 2012)

Enjoy the summery scenes on fan paintings from the Chinese and Japanese reserve collection.

Detail of Praying mantis, bee, and prunus blossom, by Chen Fen, China, 1881 (Museum No: EA1966.200)
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Two carp swimming in a pool (EAX.5380) Two carp swimming in a pool (EAX.5380)   Turtles swimming (EAX.5405) Turtles swimming (EAX.5405)   Fan with lotus flower (EA1965.44) Fan with lotus flower (EA1965.44)


Mandarin ducks and lotus (EA1965.238) Mandarin ducks and lotus (EA1965.238)   Fan with goldfish (EA2007.236) Fan with goldfish (EA2007.236)

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