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Discover over 3000 years of Chinese history and culture through surviving artefacts, objects and texts.

China 3000 BC - AD 800 gallery

The Ingram Collection

The Ingram Chinese collection numbers several thousand pieces, and constitutes the main part of the museum's holdings of early Chinese art. The collection of early greenware ceramics is particularly important and remains the largest outside China. Sir Herbert only visited China once, briefly, during his honeymoon in 1908. He lived in Gloucestershire and acquired most of the works in London.

Sir Herbert Ingram presented his collection of Chinese and Japanese art to the Ashmolean Museum in 1956. As a result the early bronzes, ceramics and jades in the museum represent early China as it was understood in the mid-20th century, and do not reflect new knowledge from archaeological excavations which have taken place since then.

Greenware jar with moulded decoration (EA1956.964) Greenware jar with moulded decoration (EA1956.964)

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